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My name is Christy Talbert and I am the owner and founder of Buckeye Service Dogs, LLC., located near Columbus, Ohio.  I have  been training service dogs to assist persons with a variety of disabilities since 1980.  To learn more about my background and Buckeye Service Dogs, please click here.

Over the past ten years I have experienced a huge increase in people applying for psychiatric service dogs (PSDs).  When these requests began to overflow my inbox, we were supplying PSDs in the same way that we supplied dogs for clients with mobility or seizure disabilities.  We accepted a client; found a dog for them; fully trained it; and then placed the dog at the completion of training. 


However, the requests for psychiatric dogs (mostly from teenagers and young adults), quickly outstripped our ability to provide dogs in our traditional way.  As a result, in 2016 we launched Co-Train, a 15-week course during which approved students would learn to select and train their own psychiatric service dog.  To learn more about Co-Train, click on the logo at the upper right of this page.

At this writing (June 2019), we are completing our 5th Co-Train session, and we are happy to say our students are enjoying increased confidence and independence as a result of not only having a psychiatric service dog, but training it themselves

We believe the next step in helping those who need PSDs is to equip other skilled dog trainers to begin programs like Co-Train. Toward this end, we have continually revised and enhanced our comprehensive curriculum.  We have also streamlined the class infrastructure so it would be easily duplicable for others desiring to start similar programs.

If you are an amateur or professional dog trainer, or involved in a non-profit that would like to provide PSD's, explore our site  and reach out to us to determine if our Co-Train Instructors Academy is right for you!

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