About Co-Train Instructors Academy


The mission of COTIA is to empower dog trainers to start their own PSD training programs.  Toward this end, you will be equipped with the curriculum, tools, skills, and knowledge we have acquired through our Co-Train program and through nearly four decades of service dog training experience.

Dog Saavy

Learn to:

  • Select SD candidates

  • Work through common socialization and public behavior issues

  • Teach a variety of PSD and light mobility tasks using your own dog or one provided by BSD (availability limited)

  • Equip your clients to confidently care for and maintain the behavior and training of their PSDs

  • Coach clients and dogs through difficult and fearful situations

  • Maximize your progress in each dog training session

  • Continue to develop new dog handling skills and strategies

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Client Relations

Learn to:

  • Conduct interviews with potential clients

  • Select clients who are likely to be successful

  • Teach students how to instruct their dogs in household behavior, socialization, and PSD tasks using a variety of effective methods

  • Provide a compassionate and effective teaching  style for clients with severe mental health challenges

  • Draw effective personal and business related boundaries

  • Understand how various PSD tasks are helpful to your students

  • Make class fun and promote a sense of community among participants

  • Navigate the special needs of teens, veterans, and abuse survivors

  • Teach your students how to care properly for their dog

  • Empower your students to maintain their dog's training and continue to teach new tasks as needed.

  • Practice common public interactions through role play

  • Empower your students to advocate for themselves regarding service dog laws and access.

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Marketing & Business


  • Pros and cons of non-profit vs. for profit programs

  • Strengths and weaknesses of class vs. one-on-one approach

  • Strategies to effectively market your training program through the internet, brochures, and networking

  • Obtain expert input on graphic design

  • Use BSD photos and videos to promote your program

  • How to use our suggested website, database, and accounting applications

  • How to set a price point for your services

  • How to handle billing and fee collection

  • View BSD's income/expense records for the Co-Train Program to assist with your financial planning

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Class Materials

You will receive our entire Co-Train curriculum for use as is or for you to modify:

  • Client application

  • Class agenda

  • SD selection booklet to share with your students

  • Weekly coursework and power points

  • Weekly handouts

  • Sample marketing materials to modify and use

  • Teaching notes for each 15 week class

  • All activities including games and exercises

  • Public outing explanations, suggestions, and exercises

  • Instruction videos for your use or to share with your classes

  • A list of supplies you will need for the course, broken down by week

  • Graduation material examples