Changed Lives

Tash and Finn.jpg

Natasha Pinsent,  Signal Service Dogs

                          -Newfoundland, Canada

From the first day I met Christy, she began teaching me and opened up a whole new world of training service dogs!  Her knowledge is vast, her experience is extensive, her empathy is true and her ability to mentor is immeasurable!

Meet any client or student of her Co-Train program and you will immediately see she is an inspiration and has changed the lives of so many, just by doing what she loves. You will want to follow suit! You will want to be part of something special!

She is an expert with the dogs, and has a natural ability to teach those eager to learn.   As a result she has a booming business. She wants to share this knowledge with others so that she can help more people.  This speaks not only to her character but also to the amazing lady she is.

Thanks to her guidance, patience and encouragement, I am now running my own business “Signal Service Dogs” in Newfoundland, Canada.

It is an honor for Signal Service Dogs to be a pilot program for COTIA.  I look forward to coming to Columbus next summer and assisting with the teaching of this course.   I have no doubt, as she did for me, she will give you the tools, education, and support to have a successful and rewarding service dog training program.

Rebecca and Hannah.jpg

Rebecca,  BSD Client

Michigan, USA

My psychiatric service dog, Hannah, came into my life three years ago. Hannah helps prevent panic attacks, and she keeps me grounded and safe if an attack escalates. With her help, my grades at college have improved because I can attend and focus in class again. I have made new friends with confidence. I got a job and was promoted within a year. I attend social events with many people in one room, go shopping with minimal stress, and handle over-stimulating environments with grace. The world was hard to navigate with Panic Disorder because my brain was always in “fight-or-flight” mode. Hannah’s tasks help me live life with independence and confidence. My family and friends notice a difference too:


She has so much more independence now. Things that used to be difficult are now normal daily activities and she has so much more confidence to achieve everything she wants in life.” –Leah, friend

“You’ll go out to restaurants/shopping with me now, and I feel like you’re really there now.” – Betsy, sister

“I’ve known her before having Hannah and what a difference! Hannah has helped her become grounded, focused and ready to tackle the world with confidence!” – Erika, friend


Hannah’s trainer said in our very first visit: “Service dogs don’t make life easier, but they make life better.” Training and handling a service dog takes dedication, effort, consistency, money, time, and more energy than you would expect. It’s not easy, but it is worth it. BSD has been communicative and effective during training and after placement.